D. Lavery : Photographer

Originally from Little Britain, Pennsylvania, he currently resides in New York City.
He has been actively involved in photography since he was 13.

Mainly a self-taught photographer, and now retired fully from the photo world
he had been consistently producing commercial and fine art work for over 38 years.
The later years in his life he was almost exclusively interested in pursuing artistic endeavors.
While not really seeking commercial work any longer, he'll still accepted the odd project
if it was personally appealing to him.

Though somewhat elusively, he has exhibited his work in shows in the Philadelphia,
Wilmington & New York City areas since the late 90's.
His first body of work was published in 2004 and his last in 2014.

Though he was primarily considered by many as a fine art nude photographer,
he actually considered himself an artistic "portrait" photographer.

"Nearly all of my images are portraits. While nudity was a component of many of my images,
it was never meant to be the focus. To me, if that's the first thing you see in the image, then it failed

When asked to list the photographers that have had significant influence on his "style" development,
He is quick to point out his photographic influences are nearly all European.
His work involved the use of many formats, while 120 was his primary choice he also worked in 4x5, 3x4, 35mm and digital.

"While digital has revolutionized photography, it is not currently and is unlikely to truly be equal to film"

While his main area of work was usually the artistic candid portraits.
He still was known to shoot street, dance, fashion, landscapes, still life and even erotic art*.
(*though few have seen this side, as he would only exhibit erotic work in select gallery shows)
While photography was his main artistic outlet, He was also also an accomplished Illustrator & sculptor.
His work has been published both in the US and Internationally.